Mopé Gateway for WHMCS Documentation


Mopé Gateway for WHMCS allows you to accept Mopé mobile app payments via Mopé in WHMCS. In order to use this payment gateway you need to contact Hakrinbank to sign the Mopé online agreement. You can find more information about Mopé at:


To install the Mopé module in WHMCS, download and unzip the module files, followed by uploading the files to your your WHMCS installation as follows:

  1. From the module root folder, copy the file named mope.php and place it in the /modules/gateways/ folder of your WHMCS installation.
  2. From the callback/ folder in the module folder, copy the other mope.php file and place it in the /modules/gateways/callback folder of your WHMCS installation.
  3. Copy the mope/ folder from the module folder into the /modules/gateways/ folder of your WHMCS installation.


To activate the Mopé module in WHMCS, navigate to Configuration () > System Settings > Payment Gateways and choose Betaal met Mopé from the “All Payment Gateways” tab.

Once activated, you need to enter your credentials in the appropriate boxes, as shown below.

Betaal met Mopé

In the Display Name box, customise the name to something more friendly such as “Mopé”.

In the Test API Key and Live API Key box, enter the API keys received from the Mopé team. If you want to use test mode, make sure you have entered a Test API Key.


TypeOne TimeRecurringRefunds
Mopé App PaymentYesNoNo


Gateway updates will be released as needed, including new features, bug fixes and security enhancements. You will be notified and able to download and install the most up-to-date version of the module.


For any support related to this WHMCS plugin, please open a support ticket.


  • Can I copy, modify or redistribute this payment gateway?

    If you would like to copy, modify or redistribute this payment gateway, please contact us to discuss the best way forward. Currently the module source code is protected using ionCube, similar to WHMCS source code.

  • Is this payment gateway actively supported?

    Since this module is provided free of charge for end users, we provide paid support to customers in case of any issue. Please open a support ticket if you face any issue and we will send you an estimate of the charges associated with providing you support for the module. Version updates are provided free of charge.

  • Is Mopé available in all countries?

    Currently Mopé works for users in Suriname and the Netherlands.