Revolut Pay for Ecwid

Revolut Pay for Ecwid allows you to accept payments via Revolut in your Ecwid by Lightspeed storefront. In order to use this payment gateway you need a Revolut Merchant account.

Revolut Merchant is a brilliant and cheaper alternative to Stripe. You can find more information about Revolut Merchant at:



Accept payments via Revolut in your Ecwid by Lightspeed storefront.

You chose Revolut because you need everything in one place. So shouldn’t your payments be too?

With Revolut for Ecwid you can do just that – with lower processing fees and faster payouts. Try it for yourself with an interactive demo.

Increase conversion with one click checkout

Your website visitors don’t need to enter payment information every time they shop with you. With Revolut for Ecwid, let your users check out in one click, giving you more customers.

Cut ⅓ of your processing fees

Other payment processors like Stripe charge an arm and a leg for processing fees. Save up to 33% on your processing fees by switching to Revolut pay on your Ecwid store.

Payouts in under 24 hours

Get faster access to your money with next-day settlements directly to your Revolut Business account. 


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Revolut Pay for Ecwid