Installation Install this authentication provider like any other DNN extension. Upload the install by package by navigating to Persona Bar > Settings > Extensions > Install Extension Once the extension is installed, activate your license and enable the authentication provider. Navigate to Persona Bar > Settings > Magic Link In the Licensing tab, enter […]

App Setup To install the Revolut Pay app in your store, simply visit the app page and click on the Get button. Once installed, you will be redirected to the app settings page where can enter your credentials in the appropriate boxes, as shown below. Important: Don’t forget to update […]

Overview Revolut Gateway for WHMCS allows you to accept credit card payments via Revolut in WHMCS. In order to use this payment gateway you need a Revolut Merchant account. You can find more information about Revolut Merchant at: Installation To install the Revolut module in WHMCS, download and unzip […]